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When you work with Lucenti, you get over a decade of experience in tried and true authentic content creation. We write our own content for every website we build because we understand exactly what that content is supposed to do (and it’s probably not what you’re thinking).

Writing for Search Engine Optimization
Website content writing is distinctly unique because there are multiple target audiences, and not all of them are people. Quality online content must reflect the reality that search engines use computer programs (called “spiders”) to sift through the every website’s written content. This process is known as “crawling” and the purpose is to help the search engines appropriately rank one website versus another. For example, a lawyer’s personal injury website that talks about the legal issues involved with a personal injury case will score better with the search engine spiders than a similar site that omits the key terms involved with that legal process.

While this may seem intuitive and even in-line with the information a potential personal injury client may need, the advanced and evolving algorithms used by the spiders to combat the tactics of numerous black-hat SEO companies have turned the principle upside down. Terms that the search engine spiders rank highly are now absolute requirements even though many of them have little to do with the information readers are actually seeking. The result is a distorted “Goldielocks Zone” that purports to balance optimized keyword density and structure with user readability scores. However these metric markers are based on computer programs and not natural language speakers, and so content that is perfect for search engine spiders can be borderline unreadable for the average person.

Understanding how to create content that speaks clearly to readers while simultaneously hitting all the key components of optimized content for search engines is a specialty at Lucenti. It’s what helps our websites stay at the top of search results while maintaining premium new client conversion rates. It’s a highly developed skill that requires not only optimization specialists but professional writers working in tandem to create website content that will bring your business to the next level.

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