Television Commercials

Lucenti’s television advertising experts help our clients create custom television ads that work. We employ an award winning team of professionals that works closely with our clients to produce high quality television commercials at a fraction of what it would normally cost you. We then work closely with you to develop a comprehensive and targeted buying strategy to ensure you are getting the highest level of reach and frequency with every dollar you spend.

What many clients initially don’t understand is that television advertising can be affordable if managed properly. Our experience and buying power enables us to purchase air time at steep discounts with some clients able to buy 30 second spots for as low as $3 per spot. To top it off, we don’t mark up your advertising costs one penny; rather we earn a commission from the TV stations when we place buys, saving you money and increasing the overall effectiveness of your television advertising campaign.

Advertising on television remains the single most effective way to advertise period. More Americans, over 86% to be exact, rely on television to help them make buying decision than any other form of media. Your clients are already watching television an average of 4+ hours per day and you need to incorporate television marketing into any comprehensive marketing campaign. Allow Lucenti to take your television advertising campaign to the next level.

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