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When it comes to doing real Search Engine Optimization, Lucenti is at the top of the game. You know that unless your business on Page One of Google search results, it might as well be on page 100. Helping businesses get new clients is what we do and SEO is the single most effective way to accomplish that goal. But we’re not satisfied with just a 1st Page ranking, we will put you at the top and make your business the unquestioned leader in the industry.

Understanding SEO Results

Organic Results
Local Results
Blended Results

Not All SEO Companies Are Created Equal

There is no shortage of marketing shops out that over-promise and under-deliver on SEO. They vary in size from a kid in high school working from his mom’s basement to massive corporations that outsource the technical work to India, Pakistan, and China. It can be difficult to know which SEO companies are real and which are just after a quick score, but here at Lucenti, we make the difference clear.

All of our services are done in-house by professionals with degrees in computer sciences and a rich understanding of code languages like html, css, php, and more. Our foundation is based on proprietary assets, which means no other SEO company in the world can do what we do because they don’t have our resources – which we’ve been developing for over a decade. Lucenti provides professional services for serious professionals. Come see the difference.

Proprietary Links

One piece of Lucenti’s SEO strategy employs links from on our own proprietary assets. We’ve spent years developing our own exclusive network of authority, and it’s shared only with Lucenti clients. That’s why our clients get to the top and stay there.

On-Page Optimization

Lucenti’s leading SEO strategy will create pristine website architecture, which means all of your data, meta data, title and heading tags, internal links, and robot texts will be configured for maximum 100% compatibility not only with Google, but with your clients too. Both Google and your clients will notice the difference, and both will put you straight to the top of their lists!

Social Media Support

How many social media sites can you name? Five? Ten? Twenty? At Lucenti, we take the top fifty social media properties, create and optimize profiles, about us pages, bios, descriptions, local information and powerful links. Lucenti’s social media support strategy will help new clients find your site and show the search engines that you deserve to be on Page 1.

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Lucenti offers real Search Engine Optimization that will put you at #1.

We know it works because our founding partners use it in their own businesses.

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